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We do Engineering With Nature. We provide you the best of Equipments for harnshing the best of your dedication and hard work towards farming.
Clients are Prime to us, we make sure to put a smile on their face.

About Us

We are an Indian manufacturer and exporter of agricultural and farm equipments and implements. Our name represent God, Mechanism and Less Labour. We are mixture of all the three. We emphasis GOD(Balaji), We do simplified work (Engineering), We reduce manual labour(Works)

We were established way back in 1986 and continuning the service to agriulture since then, Over a period of time we have expanded ourselves in this vast area of agriculture. In year 1999 the company introduced itself with the latest engineering products in the field of agriculture and helped farmers accross the state to reach the finest cultivation methods and shown them the way to maximize there production with the help of Balaji Engineering Implements. Again in 2014 the company came up with some of the revolutonary products and once again was able to simplify and sufice the need of the farmers accross the state.



Revolution is what we aim at, when we are thinking about Agricultural Implements and Farming Equipments

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Our Services

We deal in manufacturing and Sales of agricultral Products


We are manufacturers of Agricultural Equipments and Implements

Direct Sales

We deal in direct sales of these equipments as well as through distributers


We provide premium servicing of our products in very effective cost

Distributers Sales & Services

Our sales are not limited to P2P type sellings. We offer B2B products to our Distributers

We deal for over all development of Agricultral industry of our Country.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of Agrigultral Developments. Judge for yourself The work and results we’ve achieved for our clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who just love to deliver you happiness.

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Fun Facts About Us

Off Late we have always been focussed to new Agricultural techniques and improvement in Farm equipments and Agricultural Implements. This has alwasys brought us Happniess and Satisifaction. We always been saying this and will say today also "Happy to Help You"

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